Vivid Live x Future Classic

Look, I don’t know about you guys, but Future Classic has got to be one of my favourite music labels ever. Not only are they home to some of the coolest artists in Australia…but they also produce some quality events. Back in January, Future Classic started the year right with their FC X MCA series of rooftop parties at the make-shift bar above The Museum of Contemporary Art, and now, VIVID Sydney and Future Classic have teamed up for two nights of deep house/dirty beats and fully sick lasers at Sydney’s Opera House on the 29th & 30th of May. For the slightly large/totally worth it price of $129 dollars you can be apart of this amazing event. Not intrigued? wait until you see the line up…THEN make a decision.


“Shut up and take my money”



Once again our boy Flume (post officially leaving What So Not) has given us heart-wrenching news that this will be his only Australian show for 2015 (hopefully he is too busy making a new album). Good marketing skills Harlz, ring in the cash.

So in that case, hurry up and gather some cash money, if that means selling your little brother, then I guess go for it….or it may mean working a few shifts at General Pants (lol’d) and instead of buying the latest Stussy or Vision Street Wear overly low singlet for staff discounts, you pay good money for an experience you won’t forget.
Save money.
Buy tickets.
Be there.


[Featured Image by Billboard]

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