After a week of intense Stereosonic sideshows everyone kind off went into quite and dark hibernation. 7 nights of physical exhaustion, drinking and lack of sleep, everyone was looking down and out. That was until I saw an ad for VANFEST, and despite almost every part of me wanting to close my laptop and just leave Earth for a few days I decided it was too good to miss. After a whirlwind sequence of events I somehow had a media team of 5 ready and raring to go and approval for AAA media passes, what even is reality anyway.



We left an hour late, Tim’s fault for agreeing to shoot soho till 2am, jackass. Twelvies are not our priority Tim FFS.


Moving on, is it just me or are road trips the shit? The amount of antics 5 guys can get up too in a four and a half hour drive is staggering. Richmond macca’s had its gems, Tim stopped the car about 3 times to take photo’s of the weather (he didn’t Instagram it so i think he might have some sort of fetish for storms, i’ll keep you posted), we left Luke at a 7/11 and recited the entire ‘Nothing Was The Same’ album. I guess it’s all part of the Journey, we regret nothing #wheresluke.


Down to business. We rocked up at about 4 (yes we were 2 hours late) after driving through a massive storm so we initially thought that it would be empty, even called off considering you can’t have speakers on with lighting. This is what we arrived to…




You know when children are being swung around in giant puddles that you’re in for a good time. Bad thing was our Nike Roshes got destroyed.

The smart festy’s, probably locals

It actually makes me really happy to be writing about such an incredible event. On top of that the production value and thought that went into it didn’t go unnoticed, it’s not all the time that you get a really pleasing light-show and stage layout, it just add’s to the wow factor.


The line-up was again, on-point. A mix of acoustics and electronic acts kept the crowds alive and ready for more. Some of the standouts included ALLDAY, Chet Faker, and Matt Corby. If i had to give it to anyone it would be Matt, his set combined with the lights stepped the game up to a level which couldn’t really be reached for the rest of this night. Basically Matt Corby is jesus, we have the photo to prove is as well.


Chet Faker’s set was unreal, his taste and creativity is second to none, the whole set was a Journey. Sneaky Sound system also put on an awesome performance, bring back all their classics which really topped off the night.

ALLDAY’s set was right up there as well. His energy and attitude blew me away, and his connection with the crowd was also substantially significant, especially when you see people running into the mosh pit as speed, it gives you a good indication. He just loves it, he loves to muck around, meet his fans, have a joke and put himself out so that everyone has a good time. He did it backstage, onstage, in the mosh, and for that everyone loved him for it. He offered me tequila in a Pringles can side-stage, gotta love that. Also his music is sick, period.

Allday with one of his several stage hats
good guy Allday

Remember that mud thing i mention earlier? Yeah well we weren’t the only ones worried about our shoes, where were our piggy backs?

piggy backs all round


Then we discovered a flaw in our plan, us all being on our red’s we couldn’t all get home, and one of the group had to be home by 9am. That meant that Tim, Can and I would have to stay for the afterparty… don’t mind us boys, safe driving. Thus began the adventures of Adam, Tim and Can in Forbes – One Afterparty, One town, 9 artists, 3 boys, One bus home (12pm and we didn’t have tickets) and 0 accommodation, what could go wrong?

sneaky sound system closing VANFEST 2014



Disclaimer – probably going to leave some key details out, but you get the idea.


The after party was at one of the two pubs in Forbes, we walked across some park and basically followed the crowd to find it. When we got there there was a live band in one section and a DJ in the other. For most of the night we hung out with Savages crew, took photos, danced and chilled out. It was nice to chat about artists and get a feel as to how much they actually enjoy these types of events and the overall feel is pretty one sided, they love it.

It kicked on into the early morning of the hours, it had the feeling of a massive family christmas party, everyone was in high spirits. I also witnessed my first ever real life ‘mainy’, and i finally understood the concept. Literally they just drive up and down the one street checking out the scene, they turned around on the same street #ballin. It felt so satisfying to finally understand the entire Angry Boys series in all it’s glory.

The best bit was understanding the story behind VANFEST, it was being run by a guy called Matt who actually grew up in Forbes. VANFEST was his dream of bringing some life to his home town, and VANFEST ended up bringing the town together in a mass effort to pull it off, including the venue (raceway), food stalls and similar business propositions that were all probably done on mates rates, a massive town back scratch.

Director of VANFEST festival and past Forbes local Matt Clifton
Director of VANFEST festival and past Forbes local Matt Clifton

We ended up getting free accommodation and bussed home thanks to the good people at VANFEST. Essentially we were told there would be a key under a mat at a motel 3 blocks down and to the left, somehow we found it, and grateful we were. We’re currently about to begin editing our official after-movie so be on the look out for that in the coming weeks!

It was honestly one of the best experiences and I know I’m not the only one to say so, thanks again VANFEST, we’ll be seeing you next year no doubt…


savage after putting on a surprise encore
Savage after putting on a surprise encore, cya next year Forbes
















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