Tidal vs Spotify: Weighing up the Pro’s and Con’s

I’m not sure if you know, but recently, a whole bunch of musicians released a new music sharing platform called TidalLike Spotify, the platform allows you to have unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of songs. However, it has a few more features that up’d Spotify. Lately in the media there has been a good 10 + tweets from Jay-Z explaining Tidal, in a very not angry but not pleasant way. Not only is it now all over every social media website, but someone created a twitter account that takes the piss out of the celebrities involved and anyone who hashtags #TidalFacts

So, in the spirit of this release, we are going to compare the pair, see the pros and cons of both programs. and I guess you can make your own decision on which you will continue using or change to.



1. Gives you the option of a Premium or Free account.

2. Easy to use/navigate around.

3. Available over numerous platforms: iPads, iPhones, Laptops, Ipods, Android phones, Notebooks, Surface Pros etc etc.

4. Premium gives you the option to be offline (to save data) which required turning a few playlists offline and the playback option.

5. More convenient than torrenting it


1. You know you’re doing a little wrong by the artist

2. No T-Swizz

3. $11.99 a month

4. If sharing a spotify account with your friend, you can’t both listen at once.



1. Isn’t just a platform for music streaming. Allows videos, ticket and merchandise buying as well.

2. Let’s you engage more with an artist outside of their music.

3. Means your favourite up and coming artists have a chance at making a living.

4. Available on all mediums. (iPhones, Androids etc.)


1. Pre release of the program, all the celebrities that were on board with Tidal all of a sudden started uploading a photo on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook of literally just this:

If you want to join us in something exciting, please turn your profile blue #TIDALforALL PH

A photo posted by Coldplay (@coldplay) on

always having #TIDALforALL.

Me being the kind, loving person that I am, along with half of the world who saw these posts, assumed it was something for charity, maybe a company that provides water to those who need it? We thought aww rich people are saving lives. But no, we were wrong. Turns out the world wasn’t happy with the outcome of their marketing strategy either, everyone was like “oh ok so #tidalforall isn’t musicians giving back to the community it’s them gaining MORE money, because apparently they don’t have enough!” So you can tell they were pissed off. The Con being – it isn’t saving the world.

2. Jay-Z is super cocky about the program.

3. Doesn’t allow for a Free streaming option.

4. Expensive $11.99 a month.

5. Couldn’t hear a difference between the sound quality on Tidal and Spotify.

Check out Jay-Z’s rant on Tidal HERE.

As much as we hate to admit it, the idea behind Tidal is theoretically pretty smart. I signed up for a free trial and had a look around, once it sheds the doucheyness of the launch, and actually starts add features to build towards it’s vision – being a space for fans to interact with their artists in more ways than just the music – Tidal may just be the force it name suggests.


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