The Sydney Comedy Festival

If the pelting rain against Sydney-siders roofs and windows, or every second Facebook post of Poseidon’s blow wasn’t enough to remind you that hell drew over our skies a few weeks ago, then let this post remind you. However, what wasn’t mentioned during such time was the opening week of Sydney’s 11th Annual Comedy Festival. For some us, we got a real taste of the storm scampering the streets of Newtown to witness the all-famous ‘Cracker Night’- Sydney’s biggest international comedy gala consisting of Australian legends and international sensations to kick off the festival with a bang (one that didn’t include thunder).

The line-up ranged from Luisa Omielan, Steen Raskopoulos, Stephen Kamos, Deanne Smith, James Smith, Alex Edelmen and much more, with acts that ceased to forget the admired Abbott jokes, comical impersonations, the awkward (not to mention un-consented) audience encounters, and the wonderful duo of slight nudity combined with sunscreen application (yes you heard right).

Although one show of many, the festival ranges across Sydney in venues such as the Opera House, Chatswood Concourse, Sydney’s Metro Theatre, Newtown’s Enmore Theatre and more, holding over a hundred shows both solo and grouped. And just a heads up, most shows are mature audiences 15+ with the occasional 18+ one. But despite only running until Saturday 17th May, tickets are still available so you needn’t worry about missing out. Even my ticket was an impulse buy and ended up being one of the most entertaining nights I’ve encountered this year- probably because afterwards a mate and I grabbed the largest pizza we could get our hands on and devoured it in a bar just up the road.

However, if despite missing my last train, re-routing and arriving home in the early hours of the morning drenched, yet somehow finding myself still chuckling the whole way wasn’t enough of a sign to have me lining up for tickets again next year, then I don’t know what will! And for now, the rain has halted, the skies have cleared and there’s just over a week left remaining of the show.

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