The Social x The Rue Collective | Part Two

Although the fashion world is now submerged in a quiet, exhausted lull after the recent chaos of MBFWA, many of those who weren’t entirely involved in the crazy week are left lusting and inspired.  If we’re being honest, most fashion enthusiasts wouldn’t say no to being a part of Fashion Week, despite how many times we’re told it’s not as glamorous as it seems.

In light of this, we thought that now was the perfect time add some further inspiration to the mix with the second part of our collaboration with blogger Laurie from The Rue Collective. Below, we explore her fashion essentials, which not only got her through the fun-filled hectic week of runway shows, showings and endless socializing, but also through her every day life as a fashion blogger.

Below Laurie fills us in on her day to day essentials, so consider them a guideline to a blogging starter pack. Not only do they look great in person, but they are also considerably useful when creating the infamous blogger flatlay. Prepare to be inspired.




MacBook and iPhone – for obvious reasons.

My Little Black Book – because I still make hand written notes about things, for some reason it keeps me better organised than my iCalendar, so I love to buy nice notepads.

My Proenza Schouler Heels – because these are the most comfortable heels I’ve ever owned and it is so important to own comfortable heels.

My Chanel and Miss Dior perfume – because these are the only perfumes I ever wear and consequently the only ones I ever photograph.

My Chanel lipstick – because it smells like perfume when you put it on.

My Karen Walker Sunnies – because I’ve had them for many years and still love them.

My Daniel Wellington and Marc by Marc Jacobs Watches – because bangles and bracelets scrap my laptop when I type, but these stay tight to my wrist.

‘It’ – Is not a necessarily a necessity, but it’s a fun read!


So, now that you know exactly what is included in a blogger’s essentials, we thought we’d have Laurie walk us through a day in the life of a Blogger. It’s a little less glamorous than we like to imagine, but we have to admit.. we’re still kind of jealous!



My days are always different, working full time and also blogging makes for a rather hectic schedule, but I guess an average day would pan out something like this..

I use the early mornings to shoot my flat lays at home, the light in my apartment is best then. Then I’m off to work for the day, this is one of the reasons I’m such an avid online shopper, it’s so convenient and leaves my weekends free from mall braving.

After work I usually get up to one of three things: B-lining home to work on a post and seek out inspiration for upcoming shoots, head out to dinner with my girlfriends (SoCal in Neutral Bay or Mexicano in Narrabeen are the usuals) or – A quiet night in with my husband attempting to  cook one of Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals in under an hour.

 A couple of times a month I make the effort to attend a PR event in the city, it’s hard to find the energy after a full days work, but they’re fun times!

I shoot my outfit posts on weekends, which is almost always followed by breakfast at one of my favourite cafes. I’m such a weekend breakfaster! Probably because I have breakfast at my desk all week while plodding through emails. It’s hard to map out the rest of the weekend after that – they’re always different, which is great. Now that winter has set in we’ll certainly be spending more time at home with wine and cheese nights, a favourite in our house.

F1010029Laurie at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2015 taken by Mitch O’Neil (@mitch_oneil)

Laurie’s hard work definitely pays off, as her blog comes across so effortless and there is obviously no compromise for quality, despite her busy lifestyle. If you’re looking to start your own blog, or are even just looking for a new blogger to follow.. look no further than The Rue Collective.

All images taken by James Ambrose unless stated otherwise.

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