The Grumpy Barista – Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice.

Ok Sydney it’s time to move on from morning Starbucks runs and Gloria Jeans meet ups and check out this sweet set up instead. The Grumpy Barista is definitely the next café to visit on your must try before you die list. They make a decent coffee, food that looks too good to eat and the most delicious, mouth watering Nutella cronut in Sydney. For those unfamiliar with Cronuts they are a glorious hybrid of everything that is perfect about a Croissant and everything that is devilish and delicious in a Donut, Yum!

The Grumpy Barista CBD in Petersham (110 Audley Street) is only 6km away from Sydney’s and whilst parking is pretty good it’s also a quick and easy train ride too. They are open everyday except Sunday from 7am till 3pm and 8am till 3pm on Saturdays.

Just a heads up Saturday is their busiest day and can get quite packed so if you are looking to get a table or want to order one of those amazing cronuts, arriving early before 11 is probably best. A crowd favourite also seems to be the Italian Hot Pot but don’t forget to ask for Chorizo as well as it is not originally included. One last must know before you go; it’s cash only, but don’t fret there is an ATM up the road!! I don’t need to tell you to have your cameras ready, the food itself screams Instagram me.

My favourite place to sit in this hipster hideout is the sunny window bench seat with a coffee in hand. Another personal favourite is the smashed avocado on toast or the figs and feta. Delicious, not too filling and still leaves room for desert!

If you have time afterwards definitely go for a wander around the streets and check out some of Petersham’s wicked street art.

So if all you are doing these holidays is sitting around, get up, grab a friend and head right over to The Grumpy Barista. Even if you’re not being a couch potato these holidays take the time out to go on an adventure, that Nutella Cronut has your name written all over it.

Check out more mouth-watering pictures on their Instagram below:

Tomato toast @thegrumpybarista_

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The double dose @thegrumpybarista_ #grumpynuts ✔️✔️✔️

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Where to next, well that’s a secret till next time.


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