The Art Exhibition Everyone is Instagramming

With the Sydney Festival well and truly underway, there’s been the usual buzz about the food and performance acts going on around town. This year there has been an art exhibition stealing the show. The installation is tucked away in the industrial Carriageworks, and it has easily the most talked-about (instagram’d) feature so far this year. I am of course talking about Chinese Artist Zhang Huan’s Sydney Buddha.

The towering Sydney Buddha is an impressive two-storey high sculpture made entirely from packed ash. Sitting calmly, the cross legged giant will eventually crumble to pieces as the ash loosens over time. This transient artwork is a sight to behold, and one that you won’t be able to see in the future as it will slowly dissolve and crumble into a pile of ash and infinite instagrams.

Sydney Buddha is at Carriageworks until the 15th of March , 2015.


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Featured Image by itchban

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