Last November we were treated to seeing the acclaimed “producer of the year” Ten Walls play live at the hi-fi thanks to the boys at Dance I Said!. What many don’t realise was that this was no ordinary set, this was the whole audio + visual package, curated by the man himself.

The whole package: The Ten Walls audio + visual experience
The whole package: The Ten Walls audio + visual experience

The dude rocks up like he’s about to preform a brain surgery on the entire audience with a stainless steel case, ready to tap into you and totally alter the mindset of everyone in the room, which he did, just not with scissors and a bunch of other creepy utensils you see in E.R.

The surgery begins

What happened next was hard to describe, his music and visual taste is out of this world. It’s similar to artists such as Skrillex in that his vision is so far from the norm and so daring that seems generally unreal. The journey itself never really ended either, even though the music and songs change throughout, the next section of the set would have an element from the previous, then carry a new one on to the next and so on, creating a ongoing feeling (we didn’t want it to end anyway lets be honest).

That being said each section was uniquely its own, with the addition of visual changes from the lighting and screens, everything merged together to produce one hour of some of the finest musical production that is definitely up with with seeing artists such a ZHU, Chet Faker and artists under the OWSLA brand such as What So Not and Jack Ü.

The overall experience was second to none, you can check out the full gallery right HERE on our facebook page and our after-movie right HERE (and below) if you want to diagnose yourself with some serious fomo. Don’t worry though, you can be sure that you can stay on top of all of Dance I Said’s events and much more right here, stay tuned!





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