Takeover 004 // ∞ Good times

Banging bass and filthy drops, good people and infinite good times – our forth takeover is almost upon us.

Before i get into the thick of this crazy party, it’s important to understand our mission when we throw our takeovers. After the impact of lockout laws we took it upon ourselves to throw parties at different venues to remind everyone that despite the lockout laws, you can still have a world of fun where ever you go, you just need the right ingredients.

So with that ambition we set out with our first venue being thrown in the spotlight being the one and only Kit & Kaboodle. A crowd favourite of all ages, K&K exploded and dominated Kings Cross all of last year alongside World Bar. It specialty was the ability to offer 2 killer levels of music, the top floor was always pumping with R&B and the bottom level being left for individual takeovers. For our takeover we tuned that bottom level into a born and raised rave cave with blinding lazers, smoke and strobes, and for the first time since i’d been going there, level 2 closed before level 1. We killed it.

Takeover 002 was Atar Night at Greenwood Hotel. We kept the same regime with R&B in the chapel and bangers in the lounge. We had a line that stretched 50m by 9:30, with one in one out by 11. Killed it.


Takeover 003 we took to The Wall at the ever famous World Bar. For a Wednesday night we went up against the odds, but we knew we could deliver the goods. We were told that our floor (3) would open at 11 when there were enough people. By 11 all 4 levels and all rooms were pumping and it was one for one yet again, with the party extending past 3am. Killed it.


So here we are again, planning the next big thing. We’ve stuck to our guns and want to continue to highlight the best of each venue, just with a slight touch from us. This time we’re room swapping the Greenwood, with some gnarly production to go with it.


We’re talking vertical smoke machines, foam sticks, strobes and way, way to many lasers. A lineup choc full of filthy bangers, good people, and good times. Happy hour will go from 8-10 so make sure you get down early anyway to avoid a hectic line that i guarantee you wont like, i’ve seen it 3 times before and each time it gets longer.

This time we’re throwing away a $100 bartab at the door for no reason what so ever, here are the rules;

    1. You must upload a photo from your pre’s and tag @thesocial.co, #thesocialco and check in at Greenwood Hotel.
    2. Click attending on the FB EVENT
    3. Say ‘the social’ at the door and show the door girls your insti to instantly win!

See you all bring and early Thursday night for some seriously gnarly behaviour, because we have a stack of surprises we just aren’t going to tell you about xx

 [Featured Image by Conceptional Media

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