The Social’s O-Week Party

It’s finally here, Social Takeover 003 – our biggest yet.

O week is like no other. The days are full of confusion and excitement whilst the nights are a combination vodka and tequila (only). O week parties are the ones that will thrust you into the greatest years of your life, both for your academics and your social life. So, of course some genius decided to combine orientation with some of the biggest parties of the year, welcome to the hangover life.

It’s taken allot of planning and careful precision, but The Social has teamed up with The Wall to bring you the best O week party this coming Wednesday. All types of music for people of all age, institution, area, degree, gender, political view, and coffee choice (newcomers will realise the importance of these life decisions).


Everyone knows this guy knows how to put a banger together, and if you’ve been living under a rock you’re just going to have to take our word for it. Actually, just watch this video.

Heres the facts;

  1. This party is going to be f*cking off chops
  2. It’s at the iconic WORLD BAR
  3. It’s this WEDNESDAY the 25th of FEB.
  4. It will be better than whatever your uni has scheduled for that week, especially if its a comedy night, or even worse a debate (kill us now).
  5. Unlike other O week parties, you can party with all your mates as we have no discrimination in terms of university.
  6. House in the basement presented by The Wall, RnB on ground floor, and house & bangers in The Social’s room on level 1
  7. As I said earlier, this party is going to be f*cking off chops


7VANS | 10-11 | HOUSE



U.N.C.T. | 1- close | BANGERS


Join the event HERE!

How we’re going to beat this in takeover 4 I have no idea…

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