Sydney Gig Guide | June 2015

June is jam packed with gig goodies that’ll get you through the treacherous Winter month. Serving as a break between two major festivals (Groovin & Splendour), festival lovers have to suffice with smaller, more intimate shows. Don’t be disappointed though. The artists listed in this gig guide go ‘hard in da paint’, as Waka Flocka once eloquently stated. (funnily enough he recently had his Australian visa denied, subsequently having to cancel his tour.)

Hockey Dad

(supported by Los Tones)
$10 + BF | Brighton Up Bar | 6th  + 7th June  | 18+
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A fan of Bleeding Knees Club, Circa Waves and/or Beach Fossils? Check these guys out. At the apex of surf rock, the Wollongong-based band are playing two shows at the Brighton Up Bar – a venue just across the street from the beloved Oxford Art Factory. A cool thing to note is that Tom Iansek (a.k.a #1 Dads) not only mixes, but also produces a heap of these guy’s songs. Astoundingly, he’s managed to sell enough tickets for FIVE shows at OAF next month. Maybe the secret to success is having “Dad” in your name.

Have a geeze at my favourite song of theirs, I Need A Woman.


Anna Lunoe

$15 + BF | Chinese Laundry | 6th June  | 18+
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Before Harley Streten (Flume) became the big show of Australian electronic music, his cheerfully light-beated collaboration with Anna Lunoe ‘I Met You’ really set the tone for both their careers. Venturing into vastly different musical styles, Anna Lunoe is ready to tour Australia following her All Out EP from late last year. With art more suitable to the club scene, Chinese Laundry couldn’t have been a better venue for her to make a comeback.

Art vs Science

(supported by East)
$29.20 | The Basement | 13th June | 18+
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The bold sounds of the classic AvS have found themselves perfectly tinged with a taste of disco. The hard hitting tempo of all their songs is so strangely therapeutic that finding yourself sweating profusely when dancing to them shouldn’t be of surprise. Sometimes critiqued as rather insipid when it comes to composition, none of that really matters if you’re just looking to have a good time. With their new album coming out soon, you’ll be sure to hear a couple of their new hits.


The Kite String Tangle & Dustin Tebbutt

(supported by JOY.)
$36.05 + BF | Metro Theatre |  25th June
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Having just collaborated with each other on the song ‘Illuminate’, Dustin Tebbutt & Danny Harley (a.k.a TKST) will bring their Mount Kimbie & Sigur Rós influenced tunes to the Metro Theatre. Both producers have covered two of my favourite songs of all time in gorgeous Like A Versions. While Tebbutt covered ‘Young Folks’ by Peter, Bjorn and John, Harley covered ‘Clair De Lune’ by Flight Facilities. The blissful tone of their music makes for a pleasant night & it’s not everyday you get a dual tour for the price of one.

If you’re going, make sure not to miss out on the beautiful support, JOY.


(supported by Basenji + Jayteehazard)
$39.95 + BF | Enmore Theatre | 26th June
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For a long time, they were known as the band who had their song remixed by Flume… but there’s far, far more to them than that.The timing for these two legends could not be any sweeter as the end of the Groovin the Moo 2015 tour coincides with the release of their newest album, Dark Night Sweet Light.  Making hits since 2000, their unique sound was evident from the outsetThey were one of the best acts at GTM Maitland, receiving a lot of well earned appraisal that has been absent during the past couple years. Not only will you get to hear the likes of ‘Speak of the Devil‘ live, but with Basenji supporting, you’ll also get a little jiggy to ‘Dawn‘. If I had to choose one gig to go to this month, it would be this one.

Check out ‘The Buzz’ below!

Last Dinosaurs

(supported by I Know Leopard)
$28.90 | Oxford Art Factory | 26th June | 18+

The boys from Brisbane are back. Devastatingly sold out, the struggle to get tickets will be well worth it. After a 3 year long disappearance from Australian music venues, the quartet are ready to storm Australia’s music scene once more (with the addition of their sort-of-new member Michael). The release of ‘Evie’, their first song since the debut album in 2012, not only retained the die hard Dino fans, but also attracted many new faces. Combining elements from their old style with bright new synths, their arsenal of sound has expanded exponentially. Luckily for those who’ve missed out on this show, they’ll be playing at Splendour in the Grass. Check out our Spotlight article on them here!

Oscar Key Sung

$18.70 | Oxford Art Factory | 27th June | 18+
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Having released his new album Altruism earlier this month, Oscar Key Sung brings back the loopy percussion and retro elements as seen in his indubitably catchy tune, All I Could Do (which also has a rad video to accompany it). Along with hypnotic dance moves, his angelic vocals make for an enticing performance that cleanses the atmosphere of any bad auras. Supporting Jungle at their Laneway sideshow earlier this year, he didn’t miss a single beat when it came to drawing the attention of every fan in that room, from front to back.


Unfortunately, I won’t be at any of these gigs as I’ll be overseas. :((

However until then, I will be at The Jungle Giants, both FCX days & the Gang of Youths second Sydney show – so getting a mention in the next couple articles is definitely still possible. Just tap me on the shoulder and say hi! :’)


[Featured Image via Oxford Art Factory]

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