Sydney Gig Guide | July 2015

Know what time of the year it is? That’s right, it’s Splendour sideshow season. If you unfortunately missed out on SITG tickets due to the ghastly greenroom, here at The Social, we’ll show you were you can still see your favourite bands. In addition to a multitude of solo tours by various artists, a couple cool Splendour musicians will be bringing the festival vibes to a venue (a lot) closer to you! Without further ado, here’s your gig guide for the month of July.

What So Not

(supported by TBA)
$55 + BF | Max Watt’s | 2nd +3rd July  | 18+
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Despite the departure of dear friend and fellow producer Harley Streten (a.k.a Flume), Chris Emerson (a.k.a Emoh Instead) carries the moniker of What So Not with the same, if not more exuberance they possessed pre-breakup. Continuing her endless support for Emoh, expect George Maple to make an appearance, overwhelming onlookers with her winsome dancing and angelic features on songs such as ‘Gemini’. Having worked with the likes of Skrillex throughout the entirety of 2014, Emoh has an entire new armoury of sounds to expose to your blistering eardrums.

Japanese Wallpaper

(supported by Montaigne + Nick Hill)
$15 + BF | Newtown Social Club | 3rd + 4th + 5th + 6th  July 
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There are four dates listed – however, two are sold out, one is for under 18’s & the last is his (probable) final show at the Newtown Social Club for this tour. Just last year, the social media maestro stunned the world, collaborating with Jesse Davidson in ‘Between Friends’, the opening track to his EP released a few days ago. Being severely underestimated in terms of the numbers he’s able to pull in, the snug venue makes for a sociable atmosphere.

Bag Raiders (DJ Set)

(supported by Mike Metro + more)
$17.5 + BF | Chinese Laundry | 11th  July 
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Although it might be a DJ set, this fiery duo won’t be stopped from bringing out their classics like ‘Shooting Stars’, in addition to new tunes they’ve been working on such as ‘Vapour Trails’. Shedding off a bit of the disco spark and journeying into a more mellow flavour, the single’s slow lead up has the vocalism of Coldplay’s Chris Martin written all over it. Given the venue they’re set to play at, be prepared for a little bit more spice to be added to the mix.

Earl Sweatshirt

(supported by TBA)
$65 + BF | Max Watt’s | 25th  July  | 18+
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Following the release of two stylistically polar opposite albums, Earl Sweatshirt & Tyler, the Creator have been rumoured to have called it quits on Odd Future. Nevertheless, Earl still beams poetic prowess. The somber and grim temperament of his work in I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside is emphasised by the fragmented beats lurking in the background, infecting listeners with a dejected vibe. Don’t be apprehensive though, a mix of his previous album Doris & his preceding vibrant numbers will still manage to veer you into a sweat machine.

The Wombats

(supported by Circa Waves)
$73.91 + BF | Hordern Pavilion | 27th  July 
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If you’re a devote fan of their first album, you should have no problem when it comes to love, loss and desperation. As one of the headliners on the SITG billboard, a wholesome combination of their most current hits such as ‘Greek Tragedy’ with the old in ‘Kill The Director’ or ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division” will have nostalgia surging through the bloodstream of many kids born in the early nineties. Considering the sparsity of their album releases, who knows when they’ll next be in Australia.

Jinja Safari

(supported by Sea Legs)
$25 + BF | Oxford Art Factory | 31st  July 
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There’s no band better at making you wish you were on an escapade in a jungle far away from the heart of Sydney than Jinja Safari. With lighthearted cheery instrumentation and a sound revolving around djembe based beats, your imagination is allowed to run wild as your pleasure sensors are indulged with their free flowing live performances. Touring their recently released single ‘Find My Way’, the quintet will bring back ‘Hiccups’ and ‘Peter Pan’ with a couple more years experience under their belt.

[Featured Image via In Your Speakers]

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