Sydney Gems | Paddington Reservoir Gardens

Want to know a secret Sydney?

Come in close, I’ll tell you mine.

Whether you’ve got the adventure bug, want somewhere to chill and read your book in the sun, or have a picnic this is something for you. One short bus trip down Oxford Street and you’ll find a sunken garden hidden amongst the streetscape of Paddington.


Paddington Reservoir Gardens is the perfect mix of modern rustic architecture and garden oasis, unsurprisingly one of my favourite escapes on a day off. It is pleasantly quiet apart from the few passers by, amateur photographers (guilty as charged) or the occasional gaggle of hipsters sharing a pizza on the grass. Obviously it was too mainstream to use the deck chairs provided, (a pretty cool touch to a small slice of paradise.) There’s just something undoubtedly special about the space that surrounds you, from the feeling of awe as you first take in the secret gardens, a sense of comfort slumping back on a chair, to the happiness of fooling around with friends or peacefulness meditating by the water.

unnamed-2And for all you obsessive-compulsive Instagramers, selfie stricken teens, bloggers, facebookers and even you old school MySpacers, it really is the picture perfect backdrop for your next post. My suggestion, best place to get a photo is under the archways in front of the pool and garden. Stay till sunset if you can, because the change in lighting really sets the scene. Nothing says “my Instagram game is on point” more than a damn fine selfie in front of an awesome setting.


For those more daring the east chamber is a gated off undercover space lined by pylons, and brick archways. I’ve never seen the gates open, but many have ventured in. Find a way inside if you’re game enough, just be careful of the security system!

If you’re looking for a view, seeking an adventure or just some you-time then Paddington Reservoir Gardens is the place to go. An easily accessible haven for teens, adults and everyone in between, so go down and check it out.

Where to next? Well that’s a secret till next time.


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