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I would like to start by saying…Happy New Year! I hope your last night of 2014 was filled with drunken regrets and your wildest dreams coming true. It has finally come the time that we can post this not so recent article I wrote all the way back in November. It may trigger a memory from that awesome night and you will think “Damn that was a good concert, god I had good 2014″ well that’s exactly what I did friend, now we have something in common. If you are confused as to why we are only posting this now, I am sorry…I cannot assist with confusion, only heavy alcoholic beverages can. Hope you all enjoy.

Love, Beth xx.

One Thursday night, in the middle of November, an explosion of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) filled our bodies with love, happiness and never-ending good times. A few of us from The Social team got the privilege of attending the Stereosonic side-show for Diplo, What So Not and Crookers, and boy did we love it. I’m sure most of you have attended ‘Home Nightclub’ before either willingly or completely by mistake and know the general reputation of the establishment. When a few people did ask me that Thursday night a few months ago what I was up to, their expressions suddenly changed when I mentioned the venue. However all of this judgment was thrown out the window when mentioning why in fact I was going there. Home did a top job of accommodating for all your EDM needs featuring some sick lasers and a bunch load of people all sharing the same sweat.

The night was an absolute ripper, with Crookers hitting the decks at 11.15pm the venue quickly filled up fast with die-hard fans wanting to get as close as possible to the massive names spinning tracks later on in the night. Chris ‘Emoh’ Emerson from What So Not came out and absolutely killed it like always with some dirty beats like Touched, Tell Me Feat. RL Grime and the very popular song Playing With Fire by Redinho

There was a lot of talk about the hope of the other half of What So Not making an appearance as he was in Sydney and went on the bridge walk with the boys from Disclosure. But of course everybody’s favorite Northern Beaches boy probably had some bigger and more important plans (lets hope he was getting that new album done). Emoh never fails to disappoint even without his bae beside him on the decks, the best hair in EDM played a great set and made me fall in love with their music even more than I already was.

Watching Diplo come out onto the stage from the top level was an experience itself. People go crazy for that man (I do too). He started off with some trap remixes of some classic songs that got everyone dancing and super excited for the night.
Diplo and Skrillex (one of the biggest stars in EDM) have been working on a project called ‘JACKÜ’ which is a collaboration of the two and is pretty much an American version of What So Not. Skrillex was in Sydney the week before for Stereosonic Festival and rumors were building up of the pair doing their thing together at Home. Fortunately, I have Diplo on Snapchat* so once I received a video of them two together the afternoon of, I knew that we were going to hear some new JACKU tracks that night. Of course after an hour and a half of solid beats from the god of EDM, Skrillex made his not so surprising appearance and put on a massive show for everyone that came along.

Another hour and a half later we had the best night in Home Nightclub you could ever have. Some new tracks from the pair were dropped (such as ‘Take U There’ Feat. Kieza) and the crowd went nuts. If you ever want to see DJ’s that actually interact well with the audience I suggest these two because they are wild. At one stage Diplo got a bunch of girls up on stage to have a dance and one of the lucky ladies jumped up on the DJ table and started twerking in front of the audience. Five minutes later she is being given a green wristband that allows all access to the event and is taken away backstage.

Tip of the Week: If you want to make it big in the EDM scene and somehow meet your fave stars… twerk in front of them, I watched this be successful. Later on in the night, Diplo Snapchatted a photo of a few friends and the girl in the hotel room for obvious kick-ons. Do I wish that was me? Pfft. Maybe….Yes. Definitely.

Check out these sick flicks our media crew took at the event below and our FaceBook album right HERE























*Add Diplo on Snapchat for numerous laughs – Diplo

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