Sticky Fingers talk about their origins, influences and cutlery

A week before my birthday last year, I was feeling slightly unimpressed with the past year of my life, so I wrote a list of “twenty things I wanted to do/change before I am twenty”*. One of the points was to go after what I want, so since then I continued on with my self-improvment and decided I wanted to try and interview the Australian band, Sticky Fingers. So here we are! After a month or so of trying to figure out how the hell I could contact the band/their managers/anyone, the lovely Nadia from Sureshaker Music helped me in any way she could to make my dreams come true.

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, and are looking for a good read, you have probably come to the wrong place! (due to my slightly un-related introduction). But none the less…Sticky Fingers are a fabulous band of five very talented young men from Sydney who create awesome tunes that are like nothing else. The boys produce quality songs that are a mix of rock, reggae and a hint of psychedelic sounds that are great to have a boogie too.  They toured Australia last year for their “Land of Pleasure” tour and sold out six shows in Sydney alone. Impressed? Read below for an explosion of interesting information from Freddy and Paddy of Sticky Fingers.

Name and instrument you play? 

Freddy: Freddy Crabs – Keys

Paddy: In the beginning of time I was an aspiring guitar player. Upon realising I wasn’t very good I picked up the bass. Four strings. Easy. Always been dyslexic on the fretboard. My name is Paddy

What are two interesting facts about you?

Paddy: I was at the cinemas last nite and saw that new one BIRDMAN. Top! Afterwards me and Beaks were remembering a time years ago we urgently needed Dylan but couldn’t find him anywhere – standard. We put our detective caps on and got word he was out catching the new Batman flick with his lady friend. So Beaks double parks outside King St cinemas and I’ve run past the ticket boy into a dark theatre yelling “Dylan! You in here mate!?”. Everyone looks terrified. Afterwards I’ve realised this was only 2 days after the Batman theatre shooting massacre in Colorado. I felt terrible! And no, we didn’t find Dylan. To answer your question; I am colour blind and short sighted.

How did the band form?

Freddy: Old school friends Beaks (drums) and Paddy (bass) came across Diz (vocals/guitar) when he was busking on King st in Newtown. The three jammed together soon after that and started the band Greenleaf. The boys finally managed to score their first gig and were pretty done with the name Greenleaf, So out of sheer luck Paddy spotted his dad’s old Stones album and decided to call the band Sticky Fingers. Seamus came in a bit later on lead guitar and then I found my way in before the release of our first album Caress Your Soul.

Who are your musical influences?

Paddy: Most members of the band are old school reggae diehards. Particularly that early 70’s gangster shit that sounds like it’s been recorded in a garage somewhere in Jamaica in 60 degree heat. The Harder they come soundtrack is your best starting point. Thing is though, being a bunch of white boys we never thought we’d pull off playing this kind of gear. There’s plenty of trad white boy reggae outfits in the land of Oz – and frankly, most of it is really gross. Next thing we’ve stumbled across a particular record by The Clash called Sandinista. A double disc dub-rock experimental explosion. Supposedly a flop in it’s time. But we’ve seen these lads yeah. And they way they’re pulling it off, and thought “right we can do a bit of that”.

What is the most played song on your music library?

Paddy: For 2014 it would have been Red Eyes by The War on Drugs.

Freddy: Mellow My Man by The Roots.

If you could be a spoon or a fork which would you be and why?

Freddy: Fork, cos you can shank and spoon.

Paddy: Fork. Just because.

Did you enjoy Falls Festival?

Paddy: We’ve played a bunch of festivals over the years, but they’ve all been spread out all over the place. In the past we’ve often stepped on the scene and been real amateur hour. The coolest thing about Falls was being “on tour” with a festival and hitting outdoor stages as such day in, day out. We’ve got our festival game these days now. It’s a different world to playing your indoor clubs and what not.

Freddy: Excluding Splendour they were the biggest crowds we’ve played to and we got some dope feedback as well. It was good to see peeps in 30+ degree heat watching us play our whole set.

Best show you’ve ever played?

Paddy: Obviously a hard one to answer. One of our more historical gigs was around four years ago when we unofficially headlined Newtown festival. The band was virtually unknown then, and thus rejected from actually playing the festival. This didn’t stop the lads from building a stage out of milk crates in our mates adjoined backyard and win the day. This was to be the first event that gave our name a bit of buzz. The following year we were invited back to headline the same festival except this time on the main stage.

Favourite Restaurant in Sydney?

Freddy: Million Dollar Smile in Marrickville on Marrickville Rd. Friendliest service and the dopest quail wings around

Coolest person you’ve ever met?

Paddy: Years ago backstage at Big Day Out Noel Gallagher strutted past me with his entourage and says “You right mate?”. I didn’t say anything. I’d gone all shaky. The only time I’ve ever been star struck.

What were key influences of the Land of Pleasure album?

Freddy: We definitely drew a lot of influence from Gorillaz on that record. Particularly with tracks like Fake a Smile and the title track Land of Pleasure. We also drew a lot of influence from Britpop chorus’ and even Madchester grooves from bands like Happy Mondays. You can hear that in tracks like If you go, which is one of my favourites to play live.

I think we did well to craft our own sound and to build on what we started in Caress your Soul. We’re already jamming new ideas and riffs which sound different to anything we’ve come up with before. Can’t wait to do it all again.

I watched a stand-up comedy show by Donald Glover and he said he listens to his own music, do you or any of the other boys do the same?

Paddy: On the occasional lonely night it can be pleasantly nostalgic to have a little marathon on youtube and realise how busy we’ve been the past 5 years.


A big thank you to Freddy and Paddy from Sticky Fingers for letting me ask some silly and some not so silly questions! Love your work, stay cool.

Check out their music HEREAnd my personal favourite music video and song below :)


*I highly recommend this.


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