Rose Without Thorns: From Reality TV to Independent Webseries

Ever wonder what reality TV stars get up to when the cameras stop rolling? Well, apparently it’s a lot. India Rose Madderom has come a long way since she first graced television screens across the country as a finalist on the first season of ‘The X Factor’.

“It was an incredible opportunity and a once in a lifetime experience,” says Madderom. “But I think that the industry, reality TV, was still only developing when I was involved. Once that initial wave of publicity faded off, it was very much a matter of me taking control of my own future as an artist.”

Madderom says that there’s no regrets in this. Instead, she’s eternally grateful for the way things panned out. Rather than a contract that wrapped her up creatively for years, Madderom was granted something more valuable – control over her own destiny.


And control it she has. Her singing has taken her across the world, including tours of Egypt, Dubai, the United States and East Timor. But most importantly, she’s been given the freedom and time to hone her craft in her first love – acting.

“Although I’d always loved singing, it was never really something I’d thought about doing professionally. X Factor came along as a bit of a shock to me. It was acting that I’d studied and trained in.”

Enter Spotlight, her upcoming webseries about a singer trying to make the big time in Sydney. As well as playing the lead character, Madderom is directing, producing and co-writing the series with her partner Rob O’Reilly.

Self-funded and proudly independent, it’s about as far from reality TV as you can get. But it does touch on some familiar themes.

“It’s all about the music. Overseas, shows like Nashville and Smash have shown how popular and touching it can be when you combine music and story, so we’re embracing that spirit in a way that hasn’t really been done yet in Australia.”

Considering she’s part-singer, part-actress, it seems to add up. But how much of the show is autobiographical?

“Some,” admits Madderom. “Not in the details, but certainly the themes. At its heart, Spotlight is about your dreams and following whatever is that makes you happy. And that’s something I think any artist struggles with, whether they’re musicians, actors or painters.”

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