Party in the Park – Sydney’s newest festival

Last Saturday marked the first ever Party in the Park festival at North Sydney Oval. With only five acts, it was one of the more chilled out festivals here in Sydney, with a guaranteed less amount of roided up dudes and girls in bikinis. Besides having a terrible & completely unnecessary MC, the festival was a hit. Starting from 4.30pm, Sons of the East played a great set, followed by Little May, Husky, The Jezabels and The Cat Empire, not a bad bunch to listen to while chilling out in the sun with a few drinks.

The Cat Empire stole the show however with their fantastic presence on stage, and crowd interaction throughout their set. Even if you didn’t know their songs, it didn’t matter, their music is a mix between jazz and reggae, a crazy sound that makes you want to jump around. The band has almost every instrument you can think of, with six members, who don’t just stick to the one instrument the whole time. Check out their music below, give them a follow on whatever social media outlet you use…and make sure you check out Party in the Park 2016 for many funs!