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If you’re anything like us, then you’ll be familiar with that longing feeling of scrolling through page after page of your favourite fashion blogs and wishing your days were also filled with late brunches, fashion events and glamorous shoots whilst simultaneously travelling the world.

For the lucky and very hardworking few who have managed to turn a blog into an empire, their days look a little something like this…


Although aesthetically pleasing, Instagram only shows us the curated moments out of these ‘IT’ girls lives but now many bloggers have taken their online presence further to a cheeky little platform. Once an app to send a sneaky selfie, Snapchat is now being used as a business tool by fashion bloggers and insiders to increase their online audience and provide viewers with a play by play account of the goings-on in their days.

So without further ado,we have compiled a list of some of our favourite fashion insiders who are using Snapchat to take us along for the ride.

Just incase you weren’t envious enough already.

Nicole Warne // GaryPepperGirl

Undoubtedly one of Australia’s biggest bloggers and current cover girl on this months ELLE Australia magazine, Nicole is constantly travelling the world, collaborating with global brands such as Valentino, Lancome and Dolce & Gabbana.
Follow for: A front row look at the latest runway shows from all around the world.
Snapchat name: garypeppergirl


Danielle Bernstein // We Wore What

New York blogger, Danielle is the ultimate ‘A day in the life of’ snapchatter. From her daily outfit breakdowns and intimate dinners with designers, fashion events to general NYC appreciation. Not to mention an enviable amount of partying in the Hamptons/Miami/Paris/everywhere.
Follow for: A daily insight into the life of a NYC fashion blogger.
Snapchat name: weworewhat

Brooke Testoni

For a candid account of a day in the life of a Sydney blogger, look no further than Brooke Testoni. As one of Australia’s leading bloggers, her website showcases not only style posts, but also art, beauty, travel, interiors and more.
Follow for: An exclusive look into fashion events both in Sydney and around the world, and plenty of droolworthy designer clothes.
Snapchat name : BrookeTestoni

Soo Joo Park 

Runway regular for Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford, this California-based model with platinum locks has taken to Snapchat to give us a first hand glimpse of her life as a globe-trotting, high fashion model.
Follow for: A backstage peek from runway shows all around the world.
Snapchat name: Soojoomoojoo

Chiara Ferragni // The Blonde Salad 

Italian fashion blogger Chiara, is constantly flying in and out of the worlds fashion capital cities, attending events and sitting front row every chance she gets. She is the creative director behind her own shoe line and has collaborated with global brands such as Chanel, Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton.
Follow for: A daily story filled with glamourous events, 5 star hotels, galas and photoshoots.
Snapchat name: chiaraferragni

chiara cc chiara 2chiara 5


Happy snapping!
– Katie x

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