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Social media is about sharing experiences, moments and opinions of life through an online platform (put simply). In reality, it consumes our lives, and takes on a life of its own.
We’re all active on instagram for a reason, whether its photography, a way to communicate with friends, or- I have the bravery to say- popularity. I’m no photographer, so for me, instagram is more about showing some of my interests and my ideal lifestyle.

Being only an hour from Sydney’s CBD, I embellish the urban life, venturing to cafes, bookstores, shops, art galleries, and exploring the multiple hot spots on offer in Sydney. This has become the focal point of my instagram, along with what I hope are sentimental and understated images, to add an artistic element to my collection. I can only try and make it as accurate a depiction of my life as possible.

Here are my 5 Top favourite things to do and places to go in the city:

Hyde Park:

I love hanging about and walking around Hyde Park. On nice sunny days, I love laying back and sitting on the grass while reading a nice book.

Art Galleries:

Sydney Buddha #ZhangHuan #sydneybuddha #sydneyfestival #communityfirst

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I love the artistic diversity and visual culture of Sydney. I love going to different art galleries such as the Museum Of Contemporary Art, White Rabbit gallery and The Art Gallery Of NSW. Im try to keep up to date with the art scene in Sydney and love discovering new art. Recently I’ve been to Carraigeworks to see an installation by Zhang huan as apart of Sydney Festival.


Got this vintage clothbound edition of Plato's The Republic from the most amazing second hand and vintage book store #igbooks

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One of my favourite things to do anywhere I go is to find a bookstore and browse at their selections. My favourite place to buy books in Sydney is Abbey’s bookstore near the QVB they have a wide selection and has an awesome vibe. Elizabeth Bookshop is another of my favourite places to drop by, they sell second hand and vintage books. They have a wide selection and the interior has a nice vintage look and feel which gives the store an awesome and welcoming vibe appropriate for a second hand bookstore. I have found some gems from Elizabeth’s bookstore such as this beautiful vintage clothbound copy of The Republic by Plato.

Pitt Street Mall:

Pitt street is a great place to shop around and find anything you need. Pitt street is one of my favourite place to shop for clothes. I enjoy having lunch in Westfield’s food court. Shops such as Zara and Uniqlo are some of my favourite places to visit while shopping in Pitt Street.

Music Stores:

Love this vampire weekend vinyl

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Listening to vinyl is something everyone should experience. These going into the city and purchasing records has become more accessible and easy for everyone. Just like shopping at Pitt Street I always make sure to drop by Red Eye Records to find albums to listen to on vinyl whenever I get a chance to go to city. Music stores in the city always have been a favourite of mine, and you’ll never have a problem coming accross great music and artists at these shops.

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