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Following months of anticipation and a number of timely dropped tracks, ‘In Colour’, Jamie xx/Jamie Smith’s debut solo album is available to bliss out to as of today. With the promising distribution of hypnotic beauties such as ‘Gosh’, the next-galaxy lead for the album and ‘I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)’ featuring Young Thug and Popcaan, Jamie has begun warming his followers up for what is anticipated to be a game-changing melting pot of intimately layered trance, trademark poppy synth and grimey d-floor bangers.

Influences of garage and deep house are evident in the multi-faceted opening production of ‘Gosh’, providing a refreshing contrast from the classic marimba-style synth quickly adopted and re-appropriated throughout a large portion of Smith’s production career. Gosh is immersive, enigmatic and ultimately god damn major. It’s the kind of tune that makes you wish you didn’t pass out minutes before he came on at Field Day 2015 (fomo). Accompanied by a typically elusive music video featuring tracking shots of miscellaneous planetary images, Jamie’s cyberpunk-esque depiction of ‘Gosh’ invites us into the emotivity of his production process while simultaneously revealing a seemingly fragmented handful of meaning. Jamie reinforces his emotionally distant essence in a 2015 interview with Pitchfork, alluding to the lack of emotional expression encouraged within his upbringing. His cryptic and equivocal sound presented in ‘Gosh’ can be attributed as an expressive outlet in which Smith can convey ~feels~ blanketed with conveniently creative ambiguity.

Known for a number of timeless electronic collabs and classics such as ‘I’ll Take Care Of U’ with the late Gil Scott-Heron and ‘Girl/Sleep Sound’, the twin dreamy ephemeral masterpiece released in May 2014, Jamie is turning his game up a notch by toying with genres and collaborating with artists outside the Elliott School alumni (I’m looking at you, Four Tet). ‘I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)’ exudes an optimistic contrast from xx’s signature dystopian yet soulful vibe. Jamie’s marimba is undoubtedly back with full force, however this time it’s served with a healthy side of full-body-tingle inducing bass and strong Jamaican dancehall influence and vocals. Large. For unknown reasons Young Turks pulled this track off Soundcloud a few short days after blowing up all over the place, however it’s expected to resurface and induce worldwide audial ecstasy shortly. Fingers crossed.

Thus far, In Colour has flirted with two seemingly contrasting themes and provides fans with high hopes of a full bodied album packed with juicy beats and customary sexy ambience. While the full album won’t be available to stream from the Young Turks website until this afternoon, get on that #treatyourself game and pre-order the LP in vinyl. Stay tuned and brace yourselves for a whole lotta euphoria – Jamie’s calling for a shift in traditional glitch, and from a personal perspective, the renaissance is coming.

Hit up The Young Turks for the album later today. Geed.

The Album Cover of Jamie XX’s “In Colour”


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