How designing an app will put you 50 steps ahead of the rest

You know those “aha!” moments you get here and there? Imagine what it feels like when you have one so great that your entire perspective on the world shifts. A shift that means everything you see comes under new light, and everything you know is suddenly ready and raring at the gates to be utilised to take on the world.

I got this feeling after trying to pass the time with my best mate in Boston while Hurricane Sandy was blasting outside. Armed with some printed iPhone 4 screens, a couple of pencils and crayons (yes crayons) we were franticly trying to keep up with our own minds to sketch out an idea for an app. While the resulting sketches were a little all over the place, resembling the notes of a drunk scientist, our views of the world had changed forever, with the path of entrepreneurship and company creation suddenly clear in front of us. Anything looked possible, and we’ve never turned back since, and it was all thanks to sketching an app. Here’s how it’ll reshape your world:

1. You’ll think differently: Everywhere you look around you’ll see opportunities, gaps in the market, things to be improved, problems to be solved. When you design an app you have to break down real world scenarios into problems that can be solved in the easiest way possible and for the most amount of benefit to all parties. You’ll become an innovator and inventor.

2. You become a trendsetter: Designing an app forces you to be up to date with the world around you and figuring out what will catch on next. As a result, you’ll start SEARCHING (here’s a couple of good places to start: here and here) for new products and things instead of coming across things as they show up.

3. The Internet is suddenly something you can utilise: Social media and websites stop being things you crawl through aimlessly and turn into marketing tools and mediums to reach people.

4. You will meet, work with and learn from current and future movers & shakers: pitching to venture capitalists, working with creatives and other entrepreneurs are all part of creating something new, as a result you’ll learn things worth it’s weight in gold and make connections in the best context possible (picture a celebrity meeting another celebrity, they both know they’ll see the world in a certain way).

5. You become Mark Zuckerburg: and not in a baggy shirt and jeans kinda way, in the I own and run my own company kinda way. You are your own boss.

This path is an exciting high risk, high reward game filled with epic people, brilliant ideas and a lot of coffee, and will no doubt fast track your business experience and maturity by years. Not only that, you’ll most certainly gravitate towards your real passion and find out what you were born to do.

So go on, print this and design your first app, it can be anything, just grab a pencil and sketch away. See you on the other side.



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