Future Rich Kids of Instagram 001 // Salt Yacht

In the first edition of Future Rich Kids of Instagram - where we look at the things to buy when you’re bullshit rich – we present you with the futuristic and high class SALT Yacht by Lujac Desautel.


SALT has central living quarters with unobstructed views of the ocean either side of the cabin so you can fully enjoy the surrounding paradise while you’re inside. Like any super yacht, there is ample space, with three dining rooms and five cabins within the hull. Unlike a lot of super yachts however, SALT has expanding exterior platforms to increase space while stationary, and when docked the glass facade opens up, transforming the deck into an open, light-filled beach house cabana.

SALT can shape into  a private beach house cabana
SALT can shape into a private beach house cabana

Lujac’s approach to this design was to take existing ideas, proven over centuries of use, and evolve and adapt them to a modern concept – the sails were inspired by 17th century Japanese Red Seal ships, and the Water Step Well of New Delhi, India inspired the hull. On his website, Lujac states “The world is a laboratory of ideas to be borrowed. Certain typologies can evolve because they have adaptive features. SALT can be thought of as an evolution of these preconceived ideas.”

One of many expanding platforms on SALT.
One of many expanding platforms on SALT.

SALT is currently a concept, we’re hoping that it’ll one day become a reality, and that when it does we’ll have the money to get it.

See more of SALT on Lujac’s website here.


[All photos from lujacdesautel.com]

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