Find some of Sydney’s Best Kept Secrets

The City of Sydney’s sandy shores are the ultimate attraction of this marvellous concrete jungle. This superb coastline has been adopted by our ever-rushing age groups, furthermore creating a bespoke feel about each beach for each different crowd.¬†Starting in the far northern Palm beach and flowing down the coast line to Maroubra, there is always something more to find then just a stretch of sand.

Littered amongst the highlights of Manly and Bondi beach, it is the coves, the hidden points and the secluded beaches only reachable by boat, which set people exploring. Secret Sydney is here to deliver these hidden spots right to your eyes and further more to your toes as you step onto these little miracles of Sydney.

On top of the coast line, Secret Sydney will share with you the local bars, islands, reefs and every thing in between to keep all of you nautical nomads on your toes and full of adventure.

Stay on board and let yourself discover a new sense of adventure within this city you thought you knew.

Have a look at some of our favourite best kept secrets of Sydney:

what secret sydney is all about! Sydney's harbours are scattered with small and long stretches of sand which are of little knowledge to the floods of tourists who raid the areas of bondi and manly every weekend. secret sydney wants to open you up to theses beaches, pubs and bars which are often overlooked! here we have chinamans beach in mosman. located in middle harbour, waves are minimal and a bridge view makes it unbeatable! get amongst it

We are back! Over the last few weeks I have been out and about, scoping out a few more dazzling spots for this summer. Lady Bay Beach in Watsons Bay is tucked away between Camp Cove and South Head, and boy, the views are just stunning. This hideaway doubles with luxury as it plays a part time role as somewhat of a public nude bay! Wander down and experience Watson Bay's full potential this summer