Chet Faker – Why we think he won 2014

Here at The Social, we love a bit of Chet Faker (or a lot). For those of you who don’t know who he is, and instead listen to Avicci and David Guetta, Chet Faker is a Australian bred musical God. Born Nicholas Murphy, the 26 year old rose to fame after a very famous collaboration with our fave Northern Beaches DJ Flume with the track Left Alone, following this, the pair made a great EP called Lockjaw, featuring the extremely popular track Drop The Game. Last year Chet released  the amazing album Built on Glass, named one of the top albums of the year by iTunes. He won an impressive three ARIAS last year and was nominated for 10 awards in total, that is pretty damn good.

Last week, Ellen DeGeneres introduced our man to the rest of the world on live television. Which means the majority of the US are only just realising his talent and falling in love with him and his glorious beard. To continue the appreciation, we have written a list of reasons why we think Chet Faker won 2014.

1. His great success at the ARIAs – Winning Best Independent Release, Best Male Artist and Producer of the Year

2. His ability to STILL not have any photos of him on the internet without a beard (most of these photos below aren’t even him)

chet faker no beard


3. His Instagram account providing many laughs all year round.


4. Can pull off 2014’s most popular saying bae without needing to be slapped across the face.

5.Despite the success of his album, he is still super down to earth.

6. His squad consists of stars like Flume, Ta-Ku and Schlomo.

7. His music videos released show extreme creativity -Talk is Cheap and Gold for example.

8. He did 120 shows in 2014. Over 27 countries.

9. Flumey and Chet did a beautiful photo shoot at the beach, that should’ve broken the internet more than Kim Kardashian’s large booty.

“Woke up like this”


10. His performance at Listen Out 2014 sort of was better than Flumes.

11. Talk is cheap has over 8 million views on YouTube

12. When he was interviewed by Pedestrian Tv in April, he proved he has a sense of humor, who doesn’t love that!

“Shout out to my dealers, aka the squad….*laughs*….can we please put that in the video”

“I try go for a run everyday otherwise I flip out and have diva moments. It all gets a bit much”

13. His music is glorious and he has a perfect beard.

Congrats on being the winner of 2014 Nick/Chet! Love you long time. xx

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Photo by In House Media Team – Conceptional Media


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