Art we want to own: ‘Light Kinetics, in the loop’ by Espadaysantacruz

What would light look like as a ball rolling through a loop? That’s a question that Madrid based creative studio Espadaysantacruz have managed to tackle in their classy, entrancing work titled – ‘Light Kinetics, in the loop’. Watch below:

What I love about this piece is that everything distinctively digital about it is not immediately obvious. The wooden loop and the retro light globes hint at an analogue work, yet the behavior of it is driven by complex software which manipulates the globes into representing a ball rolling through the loop. The artists wanted to explore our relationship with light, reality and the hidden laws of physics that govern us:

“Light, as we usually see it, is an element that lacks mass, to treat it under the laws of gravity is somehow magical. The laws that describe the behaviour of light are hardly understandable because it neither behaves as body or as a wave. As Einstein wrote concerning the wave-particle duality: “We have two contradictory pictures of reality; separately neither of them fully explains the phenomena of light, but together they do”. In this project, we have built a computer simulator that reduces this extraordinary phenomenon to the simple classical mechanical laws.”


My favorite aspect of the work is the visual poetry of the wires connecting the lights to the computers. The wires are neat and uniform in plain sight, and are neatly packaged as they exit the loop, but in your peripherals you quickly notice the chaotic, tangled web of wires surrounding the computers governing the lights. A nice metaphor of the consistency of the physics we experience (at least on an individual level) yet once we try and comprehend them most people are quickly left dazed and confused. Stretching it a little further, the technology we’ve created allows us to connect into this complexity, letting us measure it, study it and start to manipulate it.

‘Light Kinetics, in the loop’, with its disarming natural appearance, affords the viewer a moment to consider just how malleable our reality is becoming due to technology. Prompting us to start considering the effects of the impending world of virtual and augmented reality waiting for us over the horizon.

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