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ART + TECH: What this section is about.

The Art + Tech Section seems like an unlikely mixture of fields, however the two are more related than you might think. Every pixel of your screen has been crafted to perfection, the websites displayed on them are living artworks and an enormous amount of creativity and design prowess is required to invent new gadgets and found start ups.

In this section the focus is as much about the creators as it is the work they do. So we want to hear the different creative approaches, skills, struggles and dreams of modern day makers and founders – whether it be the founder of a start up or a contemporary artist.

Ideally you can come to this space and learn about the nuances in finding and developing your own creativity, as well as seeing the results of other peoples creative endeavours.

Every great idea has to start somewhere.

See you here every Thursday.

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Entrepreneur. Minimalist. Winging it most of the time.