Date Night 001 // Aqua S Ice-creamery

You’re on a date in the city, maybe you’ve been out to dinner and seen a movie and the night is going well, so you want to find somewhere to go to keep the night going. You don’t want to go to a crowded bar because it’ll be too loud, so you need something that you can pick up and maybe go for a walk and find somewhere with a romantic view to sit. It’s a hard call to make on the fly, but you’re smart, you’ve planned ahead, so you’re on your way to Aqua S ice creamery for a nice dessert with a bit of spark.

Aqua S has lavish ice-cream flavours such as Tiramisu, Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt and Taro Soft Serve, and you can go crazy with even more extravagant garnishes like popcorn, popping candy, grilled marshmallow and enough fairy floss to feed a small primary school. They’ve also got a wall seemingly purpose built for Instagram, so you have the chance to take some photos of your creation to remember your night by :) You really can’t go wrong. Aqua S is perfect for a fun, tasty dessert at the end of your night, check out some of their creations below:


Aqua S is at 501 George Street, Sydney NSW



[Featured Image by @krbly


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