Young People. Cool Shit.


We feel our generation is disconnected from our city.

Our city is Sydney, but even with Social networking, we feel like the common belief is that there is nothing here and that no one is doing anything. So we all go looking overseas.

But it’s not true.

There are countless people our age building their own companies, publishing their own blogs, developing their crafts, actively creating every day, being exciting, and simply doing more than those who came before them.

We created The Social so we can put your feats into the spotlight.   Yes, we will be reporting what you are doing, but we also want to do more than just inform you about it; we want to create a way for you to engage with us as you do it.

We want to bring this space to life; but we don’t want to exist just on your computer screen. We are also going to be hosting events around Sydney to make it real. To allow you to be part of this movement.

Our events will range from parties, to fashion shows, to music festivals and art exhibitions; with you, Sydney’s new generation, as the focus.

We are just getting started, and we are a long way from perfect.  Expect some bugs, some mishaps, some complete f*** ups,  but we’re going to do our everything to make The Social the best it can be.

Welcome to The Social.