A Guide to Preparing for Falls Festival

If you’re anything like me, you get way too excited for festivals as soon as you purchase your ticket and then completely forget about it until a week before. So, this year I’ve decided to change my ways, plan in advance, and gradually get more and more hyped and prepared for the five day event. I present to you… A Guide to Preparing for Falls Festival.

Five Minutes After Purchasing Ticket

*Post generic Facebook status tagging all your friends about scoring a falls ticket* I actually did this. No Regrets.



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“Can’t see the haters”

One Month Before

By this time, you should have well and truly downloaded all the albums of the artists you want to see at falls. Personally, this is just what I do, it extends my music library (which when you were 15 used to be a big deal), gets me pumped up and turns me into a lyrical genius by day one of the festival (from excessively listening to my custom-made playlist). I also hope by now you will have booked your accommodation/ bought your camping ticket, but I mean that’s just common sense.

Another smart way to prepare around this time is, if you are camping on site, start brainstorming with your gang how to sneak in all the alcohol you will be pre-bulk-buying. Apart from saving you some coin, this will also double as an exercise to improve your skills of creativity, which, will be subsequently lost by the five days of excessive drinking you have ahead of you.

 Here is one way to get your alcohol into the camping grounds at falls. Thanks to the legend who thought of this idea. Sincerely, Everyone.


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Three Weeks Before 

Normally by this time I would have done nothing to prepare myself because I would’ve completely forgotten, but we are all ending the year on a positive note so change your lazy ways! Three weeks before marks the ‘start collecting fun outfits’ stage. It gives you just enough time to put together five super quirky and crazy coordinated clothing ensembles with your friends.

Tip of the week: Make sure you get in quick to Tree of Life before there is a shortage of bindis and face jewels across the whole entire East & South Coast! Or maybe start a new trend – instead of the infamous rip off of the temporarily cultured festival goer.  Like glow sticks! Glow sticks are fun…let’s bring those back. You can be as turnt as this Dude.


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Two Weeks Before

Hopefully by now the set times will have been released, so download the Falls Festival app and plan with your friends all the acts you want to try and see and when – although, let’s be honest, you won’t get around to half of them. This app will be your bible. You do not want to be carrying around those stupid pieces of paper provided by the event crew. It’s the 21st century. Use your smartphone. Plus you can do your part to avoid that annoying sudden influx of post-festival articles about paper and junk left all over the ground. Act like you give a damn about the environment too, Byron Bay is a beautiful place probably still recovering from the devastation after schoolies this year, let’s show the community that festivals heads are better company.

One Week Before

Dry Shampoo. All you need… Is Dry shampoo. That shit is magic.

By now you should have started collecting bits and pieces that can lie around your room until you frantically pack the night before departure. Here are a few things I suggest packing:

  1. Dry Shampoo
  2. Walkie Talkies
  3. Portable Phone Charger
  4. Dry Shampoo
  5. A UE BOOM for those late night campfire sing-a-longs (honestly the greatest device I have ever purchased check them out HERE )


The Night Before

  • 7PM: Begin Falls pre’s (Get Pissed)
  • 1AM: Pack your bag while drunk
  • 5AM: Wake up (still drunk) and pile in the Car/Plane/Bus to the greatest NYE ever!
  • NOTE: Do not follow any of the above steps if you are the designated driver. Be safe friends.


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Here are some (I have too many I spent 10 minutes reducing the list) of my recommendations of acts to watch out for at Falls Fest:

  • Alt-J
  • Asgeir
  • Cold War Kids
  • DMAs
  • Empire of the Sun
  • George Ezra
  • Glass Animals
  • John Butler Trio
  • Milky Chance
  • Movement
  • Safia
  • Sticky Fingers (<3)
  • The Temper Trap
  • Tkay Maidza
  • Vance Joy


I hope this page of words proved helpful or at least entertaining. Enjoy your New Years at Falls!

If you see me, say hey! I’ll be this dude by day 5.

lie down

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