A Guide to Avoiding Coachella FOMO

For those of you who don’t know, on Friday the 10th of April, one of the largest music festivals in the world began. Three days full of the best artists in the world, art, culture, drinking, partying and just enjoying being out in the middle of nowhere. The festival is so big, they repeat it over the following weekend. In case you missed out on tickets of course. If you’re anything like me and did not save up enough dollars to fly to America and go to Coachella this year then here are some easy steps to avoid some major FOMO (fear of missing out).
  1. Hide the Coachella snapchat story.
This is hard, I for one am a huge fan of snapchat (shocker) and will probably not hide anything coachella related but this is an effective way to get past that “I FEEL LIKE IM THERE, WHY AREN’T I THERE” stage.
  1. Unfollow Coachella and major models, musicians, celebrities, and anyone with money who does fun things that make you jealous.
You don’t want more coachella stuff coming up on your feed when having a scroll through a commerce lecture.
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  1. Avoid youtube at all costs during this potential FOMO period. Coachella is streamed live. You WILL regret it.
  2. Avoid any contact with social media at all.
  3. Hide in your self-built pillow fort in your room with a up-lifting book without any electrical appliances except for a lamp.

I hope these tips help you hide away from all the fun you are missing out on!

BUT, if you don’t get FOMO because you have no heart/emotions, or you are just really tough, then you can check out the channels on YOUTUBE to stream Coachella LIVE.  

The festival repeats itself next weekend too, check out the line-up below! Enjoy xx



[Featured Image by @Coachella]

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