Meet The Designer // Anna Brocklebank of 32.4

Meet Anna Brocklebank, the Sydney based jewellery designer behind the brand 32.4.

There’s no doubt you’ve seen her designs scattered throughout your Instagram feeds, and with pieces this beautiful it’s easy to see why she’s gained the attention of magazines such as Harpers Bazaar and Elle Australia.

Also a graphic designer, Anna has an eye for detail and draws inspiration from architecture, angles and raw materials. She mixes delicate chains with solid shapes, silver with gold and sharp angles with curves to create the perfect combination of dainty and bold. They say opposites attract and the aesthetic appeal of her pieces definitely puts some truth to that old saying.

I caught up with Anna recently to have a chat about her brand and to hear about how it all began. Have a read though below!



Anna, Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m 26, I’m a jewellery designer and a graphic designer. I was born in Brisbane but moved to Sydney 9 years ago to study graphic design. I did 2 degrees over 4 years and worked as a graphic designer before I started making jewellery. I love a good balance between healthy relaxed beachside living to eating copious amounts of chocolate and spontaneous nights out.

How did you learn to make jewellery?

I did Design and Tech in High School which I really liked and looking back maybe formed a basis for jewellery making. However, after I left school and taking a year off I went straight into studying graphic design. Once working in the industry I really enjoyed it but there were parts I didn’t love as much. I had a few months off after getting really sick and came out of it wanting to do something for myself and hands on so enrolled in an 8 week jewellery course at Enmore TAFE and then I guess I just started making jewellery! I’ve done another short course since but the rest has been self taught.

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How did 32.4 begin?

After the course I invested in a few basic tools and started making some pieces, a few people said I should start selling it and with my background in graphic design it felt totally natural to start an online store. I wanted to get out of graphic design full time so I just decided to quit my job and go for it. I think a few people were bit shocked haha.

How did you choose a name?

32.4 was the first amount of silver I bought in grams. I quite like that the name is original and means something to me and the label.

What is the inspiration behind the pieces you create?

Usually I get inspired by something architectural or product design and look at how geometric shapes come together. I might think about a piece in my head for months before making it, the collection will usually evolve just from that one piece.


So you just launched your new A/W15 collection, tell us about whats different in the new range?

I think the extremes have been taking a little bit further. Some pieces have gotten more fine, whilst others have been made more bold. Ive also very much gotten into mixing the gold and the silver together. Am also really starting to get a feel of the direction I want the label to head in which is exciting.

How many pieces could you typically make in a day?

From complete scratch? If it were just one of the simple rings I could probably make about 8-10 in an 8 hour day, but my days are never regular 8 hour days so its hard to say.


Who is your style muse?

I love Erin Wasson, the Olsen twins, Kate Bosworth and Nicole Richie.

Whats your favourite piece to wear?

The Art Of ring. It was one of the first ones I did.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Beach, relaxing with family and friends over drinks and food, exploring new places, pinterest, online shopping. Oh! and reading magazines. I always stack them up but never get a chance to actually read them!

What advice would you give to an aspiring designer?

Just go for it! Just start. There will be so much stuff that you have no idea about but Google is amazing!


Website: www.thirtytwopointfour.com
Instagram: @thirtytwopointfour


Photographs: Katie Skelly / www.thirtytwopointfour.com

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